because your words matter ...

Here's how it all began:


Growing up in a Greek home, studying in French and reading in English for fun, we were jumping from language to another without restraint, translating before we even knew what translation was ...


This passion for languages lead Evie to study German so as to read Goethe in its original tongue. Antonia learned Latin to remain true to Ovid.


Over our quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, we simply thought 'how can we help?'


And so, powered by coffee and inspired by the idea that we could bring people together, we created Traductions Telicus: a translation agency that transforms your message, so that others may hear it and understand it with their hearts. 

Founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 2006; it has been our mission help local companies thrive in Quebec and Canada. We take our city and our world to heart and constantly look for ways to make a difference.  

About Us ...

Two Sisters

One Mission

Evie Katsapis, canadian, english translator in Quebec, medical translator

Evie Katsapis

With a passion for health, well-being and creating a balanced lifestyle, green living is something I take to heart. It is no surprise that my focus is on renewable energy, sustainable resources and ways of reducing our carbon footprint.


With a solid scientific background (biology, chemistry and genetics), and a penchant for environmental technologies, I constantly look for ways to make the world a better place. I have a Bachelors Degree in Translation and Modern Languages and am a certified translator from OTTIAQ.


I also enjoy strawberry daquiris!

Antonia Katsapis, canadian french translator

Antonia Katsapis

With a true passion for the written word, ancient and obscure languages, or past civilizations, it is no surprise that I hold a Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Classical & Indo-European Linguistics, as well as a Masters Degree in Classical Linguistics. 


Graduated with great distinction and the recipient of numerous academic scholarships and awards, one thing remains true: ancient history is epic. 


I am also avid fan of coffee!